Regd. Charity

No. 1135913


Volunteers have been working since 2004 to restore and repair the Grade II Listed building, affectionately known as the ‘Sunken Church', at the junction of Moss Drive and Town Street, Bramcote.

After considerable negotiation, fund raising and hard, physical work, many of the achievements can now be seen. The process hasn't been without its disappointments but there have certainly been many positive successes.


The tower before work started…                                            …and after


Now, the site is a much more pleasing and attractive area. Overgrown shrubs have been cut back, a number of trees crown-lifted to provide more light to ground areas and grass is cut on a regular basis. The Tower can now be seen to its best advantage, a focal point at the very centre of the village of Bramcote.

Achievements so far

One of our first priorities was to establish ownership and to seek permission to start work on the project. An architect was appointed to undertake a survey and give advice and, supported by Notts. County Council Building Better Communities funding, restoration of six damaged chest tombs as well as repairs to other gravestones and the herringbone boundary wall, was completed by specialist stonemasons.

We are indebted to Countryside Care whose volunteers have paid many visits to the site to clear away vegetation and have advised on habitat management.

In consultation with Broxtowe Council, the entrance steps and gates have been re-designed to make it safer for pedestrians and pushchair/wheelchair users.

Archaeological surveys have been done under the guidance of Notts. County Council Archaeology Dept and most gravestones, both visible and below ground level, have been recorded.

Railings have been installed along the boundary wall on Town Street, a new pathway constructed which follows what is believed to be the original path and a medieval Physick (healing) Garden has been planted by students of Foxwood School, Bramcote.

Through The Big Lottery Awards For All, Nottingham based sculptor Andrew Smith was commissioned to produce stone seating and information panels. He worked with local schools and other community groups to generate ideas that were incorporated into his final sculptural design. In addition, two stained glass windows have been designed and produced by ESCAPE, a group of stained glass craftswomen working from Eastwood.