Regd. Charity

No. 1135913

‘Speak of this sturdy knot of many different strands, the common

cords that bind and interweave in school and sports field, group

and gatherings, charity and church.

Small wonder the conservationist is smiling out from here.

The olden days are gone but not the golden days, for fragile

threads remain unbroken in this place and celebrations shared

make neighbours of us all.’

Text by Pat Ashworth, local writer, 2008


This 2-seater seat shows several carvings inspired by designs suggested by

different community groups including children from 3 local schools, Cubs and

Scouts and village residents.

The upstanding Turks head knot is a decorative knot often used within the

Scouting movement as a design for a woggle.

On top of the knot are berries which some children felt should be included.

The front of the seat shows arches, angels and flowers.

The face looking out over the site, and the one referred to in Pat’s text, is that of Konrad Elsdon, a past Chair of Bramcote Conservation Society, who was

passionate about preserving the uniqueness of Bramcote village.