Regd. Charity

No. 1135913

‘Tell of beacons and bonfires, tithes and taxes.  Of alehouse and almshouse.  Of cowled monks on a beaten path to penitence.  Of the firm thumb and sore eye of the framework  knitter.  Tell of Henry Holden and Elsie Eatch.  Of Ice Age stone  and harvest home, of squires and shepherds, damsels and  divinity. Hensons and Bagshawes are buried bones but live  immortalised in stone.’

’Text by Pat Ashworth, local writer, 2008


The  sheep’s  head  shown  at  the  top  of  this  ‘chair’  reminds  us  of Bramcote’s agricultural beginnings. There  is  a  skull  and  crossbones  on  the right.  There  is  no  sinister  significance  to this inclusion except that it was a design found on several tombstones during our archaeology digs! Another design  found was the beautiful cross, shown in the centre of the ‘chair’. This  belonged  to  the  headstone  of  Rev  Thomas  Wilkinson,  a  past  vicar  of Bramcote.On  the  side  of  the  ‘chair’  are  2  designs  which  refer  to  the framework  knitting industry  within  the  village  during  18th/19thcentury. There  is  a  pair  of  clippers used  by  knitters  and  also  a  representation of stocking  stitching,   garments frequently made on the frames.